Text message reminders are a great way to remind your clients of there appointments and have been shown to decrease your no-shows by up to 70%. Not only are these types of reminders less intrusive , they are the preferred method.

Our state of the art system will remind your clients of their appointments on autopilot for you. The receptionist simply enters the clients next appointment in the system and and sets the date ,time, and how many hours prior to the appointment to send the text reminder.

Easily upload a batch of existing appointments using our CSV file template

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You can easily upload all of your appoints from your existing software using our csv template. Once appointments start getting entered on the fly, this should no longer be needed but always an option if you want to continue using your existing platform.

Integrates with all the top cell carriers…

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You can be rest assured that your text messages arrive on time to your clients phones. Our SMS short code integrates with all the top carriers in the US and Canada. Some companies use long codes which isn’t true sms and are limited to the amount of messages that can be sent per hour. With our short-code system you have the ability to send thousand of messages at once!